Brian Ewing

White Tie & Scary Kids Warped Tour posters

Posters for The White Tie Affair and Scary Kids Scaring Kids.
(damn bands with long-assed names...grumblegrumble)

Once again KIA, hired me to design posters for the 2009 Warped Tour.  So stoked.  This is the 2nd year working with KIA, and they hired me to do 2 posters instead of just 1. 

KIA let me come up with the concept on these so I went with a comic book theme.  TWTA reminded me of the romance comics from the 60's and SKSK reminded me of The Fantastic Four Kirby days.  I wanted to be able to include the band members in the posters and have fun at the same time.  This is also the first time I had to draw band likenesses.  Not as easy as I thought.  But I did my best with what they gave me.

I've never used photoshop until this project.  Normally I do all my color in illustrator by placing color underneath a bmp image.  The learning curve for photoshop kicked my butt!!!